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Premium Gluten Free Granola

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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"OMG this is amazing."

"I usually make my own, but dang this is delicious."

"Best granola I've ever had."

We hear these comments every week from our local markets - we give samples and love seeing people's reaction.  This granola is so. dang. delicious.

And it's our #1 best seller online.... The same popular Granola is available Gluten Free, too - same ingredients, same recipe, except that we've swapped the oats for puffed buckwheat - it is like a sweet, coconut popcorn breakfast.

Love coconut?  Love granola?  You will LOVE this!

This is a Tropical Blend made with 97% Australian ingredients, most of them from Queensland.  

We suggest the granola enjoyed with yogurt and fresh berries, but it's also a nutrient-dense snack to enjoy by the handful.

Ingredients:  Beach Harvest Coconut*, puffed buckwheat, slivered almonds*, pecans*, macadamias*, dried mango*, dried pineapple*, maple syrup, coconut sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract*, Himalayan Salt

* is Australian product

*Update January 2022: We now have Gluten Free Granola with dried fruit available. Just leave us a note whether you would like your granola with fruit or without. Happy Days :)

Gluten Free Granola is gluten free, vegan and dairy free.  No preservatives.  Made in a kitchen that handles gluten, grains, dairy, egg, and most allergens.  Some products are organic when available.

Looking for something unsweetened?  We have a Keto Coconut Muesli and a Gluten Free Coconut Muesli, both of them Gluten Free.

Available in 180 grams, 300 grams and 450 grams

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