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Premium Coconut Granola

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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It’s morning and you’re hungry.  You want something sweet and crunchy and satisfying, but eating that mass-produced cereal isn’t going to cut it.  You want to be healthy and fill your body with nourishing food, but you’re busy and need that quick breakfast-on-the-go.

Sugar-filled cereal shouldn’t win just because it’s convenient.

Easy breakfast doesn’t always have to be unhealthy.

You deserve the best.

Finding the time to make granola is hard.  The grocery-store granolas are filled with sugar and cheap imported ingredients.  And that dried fruit in the granola? - nasty and full of preservatives.  

Like you, I was frustrated trying to find a convenient breakfast cereal that my kids will eat, made with ingredients that I can pronounce.  A granola that tastes great that isn't manufactured overseas.

The answer?  Coconut Granola made with 97% Australian ingredients.

My kids love junk food too (like every kid, right?), so when they ask for the Coconut Granola, I happily agree!  The kids pack it in their lunchboxes, I pack a bag when we go swimming at the creek, and my husband keeps a bag in his car to snack on.  

I personally love the granola with coconut milk with fresh blueberries.  I also make smoothie bowls and sprinkle the Granola on top for added crunch and nutrients.

The ingredients: coconut*, macadamias*, dried mango*, dried pineapple*, pecans*, almonds*, oats*, vanilla extract*, coconut oil, coconut sugar, maple syrup.  No cheap fillers, no nasty preservatives.

*Update January 2022 - We now have granola with dried fruit available.

Please leave us a note if you would prefer your granola with fruit or without! Happy days :) 

*Australian Grown, never imported

Here’s what our customers say about the Coconut Granola:

“Wow, I just received my granola order and couldn't wait to try, so at 3.30pm I had some. It was superb, I love the mango and macadamia, which was plentiful!! - Kylie

“Very tasty, and so good for you. I just bought 5 packets.” - Penney

“The perfect ratio of crunchy coconut, nuts and oats to juicy dried fruit, would 4000% recommend.” - Jodi

The Beach Harvest Guarantee: 

Thousands of people have sampled & purchased our products since 2013.  Using their feedback, we’ve developed the best tasting & healthiest granola in Australia (big claim!).

The Granola is made in small batches, giving it the “homemade” taste you love.  Our coconuts are sustainably hand-harvested off our local beaches (where the trees grow wildly), our commercial kitchen is solar-powered, and online orders are sent in repurposed boxes…. All good for the environment.  And, we use Australian-grown ingredients whenever possible, supporting our farmers and economy.

We 100% guarantee our products, so if you aren’t happy, let us know and we will refund you.

Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order.

We ship Australia-wide for $9.95, and have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99.

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