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About Us

This is us in a coconut shell. Crystal, Daniel and 6 pretty cool kids!!

We had it all a thriving business, beautiful house, money in the bank. We were living a very comfortable life. But after 15 years of working 12 hours a day 6 days a week, not having family time or any kind of social life we thought what is the point of all this! This is not what we want our kids to think is a normal life. So we threw it all in. Sold our house, closed our business and sold off basically all our belongings except for what we could fit in the caravan.

Yes that's right 2 adults, 6 kids and a dog all in a caravan!! We set off on an all time Australian adventure.  Living with the most bare minimum essentials, completely back to basics. Oh my gosh did we have the most amazing time. 

We left Victoria in April 2021 and spent 8 months travelling outback NSW and QLD  (Amazing, everyone needs to experience the outback). We finally found ourselves back on the coast in Far North Queensland. We have been here before and loved every minute of it but this time it felt different almost like we were home. We hadn't planned on settling down yet as we wanted to keep exploring Australia so we set off again. We lasted 2 weeks and turned around and headed back north to Port Douglas. Paradise.

We were't sure why, but something was telling us this is where we were meant to be. 

We starting looking for house's to rent when we met Casey and Jesse. Founder's of Beach Harvest. We had absolutely no intentions of buying a business but 1 week later we were the new owners of Beach Harvest.

So December 2021, was when we dug in our roots in FNQ and it's been the best decision we have ever made. We love where we live, we love our new job, we love our family life that we have together.
Don't get me wrong our desire to explore is still there but there is so much in FNQ to discover that I'm pretty sure we are not going to run out of things to do anytime soon.
Part of our adventure is Beach Harvest. The things we are learning about coconuts is amazing. Still exploring when we are harvesting from Port Douglas all the way to Cape Tribulation. We always knew that no matter what our next career would be it had to be something where the kids could be involved. 
They are learning to climb coconut palms, helping with new recipes and best of all coming to the markets. Their little faces when someone buys something is the best. It makes me realise that this change was exactly what our family needed!
We love the beach, it always been one of our favourite places. Now we spend half our working days at the beach collecting coconuts in between swims :)
Beach Harvest is now our new way of life business and family in perfect balance.
We love making our Coconut Chips, Granolas, and Mueslis.  We send them all over Australia. Check out what some of our customers say:
I’ve tried a variety of coconut products and Beach Harvest have the best coconut chips by far. The taste and texture are perfectly prepared. My family swears by it as the go-to snack. Beautiful product. - Carolynn K.
Absolutely love these coconut products - the BEST you will ever try!! - Ben P.
Really delicious. Bought them at the market in Port Douglas and it was great to be able to continue to purchase once home from holidays. - Debra S.
I love this product, I have never found anything like it before and I am in LOVE !!! Such a great snack , awesome for the kids lunchboxes... It is so Brilliant I'm even at the point of a secret stash.... Sssshhhh . Words can not express how fantastic this product really is. - Nicole S.
Thank you for supporting our family business! 
Check out some of Casey and Jesse's videos that they have made over the years, and follow us on social media for up to date info, new recipes, and behind-the-scenes of our Coconut Life.


Thank you for supporting our family business!
Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts are Australian grown.  No worries.