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Coconut Tool

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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Easily & painlessly remove the coconut meat from the shell.

We've been using these for years and they are THE BEST way to remove the coconut meat.

Long ago we used a small paring knife, but after hundreds of painful puncture wounds, we found The Coconut Tool and haven't looked back.

Ergonomically designed for an easy grip, the coconut tool is a smooth flat dull-blade that wedges between the shell and white coconut meat for easy removal.

Using it is easy: after the coconut is cut in half, simply wedge the tool in and gently rotate your wrist until the meat pops out.  It's not about the strength, but the technique of rotating. 

If you try to use strength and use the tool by "pulling" out the meat instead of rotating, the Tool will snap.  But, we've removed the meat from tens of thousands of coconuts and, when used correctly, does a brilliant job.  It's the best!

Here's a quick Coconut Tool instructional video: 

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