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Coconut Shells - Halved and Shaved

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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 Coconut shells - natural and Australian-grown!

These coconut shells have many uses:  a pot for plants, a bowl for food, a container for candle, decorative mulch in gardens... so many possibilities.

The coconuts are sustainably harvested from our local Port Douglas' beaches and have NO contact with chemicals.  The bottom is shaved to allow the shell to sit flat but, other than that, the shell is in a natural state (without the coconut meat, of course!).  Or, you can have the natural round shape of the coconut (not shaved to sit flat) as pictured in the final photo.

As per the photos, no two coconut shells are the same.  The amount of husk, shape of internal shell, colour, etc, are all different and varies shell to shell.

Price is $5.50/shell (including GST).  Bulk options available via email


*Shipping note - you will not be able to purchase more than 3 shells via our online store due to shipping size limits.  Shipping 4+ shells will require an individual shipping quote.  For shipping quote, please email required shell quantities and delivery address to

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