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Vanilla + Coconut = LOVE July 31 2020, 0 Comments

We love Vanilla!  Check out our visit to local Vanilla Farm.  We experienced the vanilla journey from harvesting to drying in the sun.

Now available: Vanilla Beans, Extract, and Paste.

Australian grown, organic, award-winning.  Delicious!

Coconut Bowls & Tropical Granola July 21 2020, 0 Comments

Coconut Bowl with Granola Healthy Breakfast

Hey Coconut Friend!

Did you know we sell coconut bowls?

I was a little reluctant at first because we don't make them ourselves (and we pride ourselves on using Australian-grown coconuts, nuts, seeds, and fruits!), but many customers were asking for them. The high cost of labour in Australia means that we simply cannot produce them here (and we don't have the huge coconut production like they do overseas), so I had to think of a solution.

So I found an ethical coconut company in Vietnam and ordered a few. They were great!.... so I ordered a box.

As an added bonus, my kids enjoy eating out of the bowls, too! The kids have always enjoyed smoothies, but now they prefer to eat them from the coconut bowls - even new recipes! "It tastes better in the coconut bowl", the kids insist. Go figure.

As a mum, I'm thrilled my kids are trying new foods... and as an entrepreneur, I'm thrilled I can ethically provide a product for my customers. And, with the bowls available in two sizes - Regular and Jumbo - there's a Goldilocks-friendly option for everyone. Check out the bowls here.

So, to celebrate the new Coconut Bowls on our website, and to help you start your day with some healthy breakfast, we are having a 20% off flash-sale on our Granolas & Mueslis. This includes:

  • Coconut Granola. Our best seller & most popular. I'm considering renaming it "Tropical Granola" due to the locally grown coconut, macadamias, dried mango, and dried pineapple. A 'taste of the tropics' - granola style! This is our #1 best seller this year - have you tried it??
  • Coconut Granola Gluten Free. It's the exact same recipe as our Coconut Granola but using puffed buckwheat instead of rolled oats.... tastes like popcorn!
  • Coconut Keto Muesli. Popular with our Keto customers, this is high fat/low carb mix of coconut, nuts, and seeds.
  • Coconut Muesli. Similar to the Keto Muesli, but made with puffed buckwheat. Looking for a non-sweetened breakfast cereal full of coconut, nuts, and seeds? This is for you.

I suggest enjoying the granola & muesli with coconut yogurt & fresh berries, while Jesse (my husband and coconut tree climber) prefers to snack on them by the handful - he keeps a bag in his truck for a fast nutrient-dense snack.

Don't forget to add some coconut bowls, too, and start the day off with a healthy breakfast that simply "tastes better." Start shopping for your healthy breakfast coconut journey here: Healthy Breakfast



Brisbane Times Article May 25 2020, 0 Comments

I love media publicity!  It's like an espresso-shot-of-excitement for our business.  We've been featured on ABC Landline, SBS, Channel 10.  The thrill of a national "shout out" for our coconut products is my favourite "pat on the back" recognition and I am grateful.

So when I got an email from a Brisbane Times reporter last week, I was happy to do the interview.

The angle?  How Covid-19 has affected Small Business Artisan Producer Grants winners - like us!  (I applied for & won the grant in 2019.)

In summary, despite the Corona-related downturn in business, our April 2020 online sales were up over 300% - due largely to the skills I learned from an e-commerce course I took as part of the grant.  Our overall sales are down compared to 2019, but we are thankful for each and every one of our online customers & sales that keeps us going.

And, thank you everyone who supported us (and continues to buy our gourmet coconut products!).

Corona virus has slowed us, but it will not stop us.  We have weekly regular customers all over the country, and Aussies - more than ever - want to support Australian-grown food.

Thank you again Brisbane Times for the article!  We are grateful as always.

Here's the article published last week:

Months spent in lockdown appear to have given people an appetite for gourmet Queensland treats, purchasable without leaving home.

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts, which creates coconut chips, and chocolate artisan KOKOPOD were two of the 50 artisan producers to receive a slice of the state government's $200,000 Small Business Artisan Producer Grants Program.

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts founder Casey Willetts began the business seven years ago, when she began experimenting with coconuts she collected from beaches around Port Douglas to entice her three young children to eat healthily.


Her hobby went from playgroup treats to a full-time business product, offered in 10 different flavours along with her own granola and muesli.

"In the early days, I would go and find 10 or 20 coconuts on the beach and put coconuts in the pram but now we harvest anywhere between 600 to 1000 coconuts and my husband now climbs the trees," she said.

The mother-of-three said the business depended heavily on local market sales before the pandemic.

Ms Willetts said the grant helped her develop e-commerce skills to boost the business, which gave her the confidence to market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The skills that I learnt from the grant helped give me a proper foundation and it's made me feel empowered," she said.

"Our sales went up by 308 per cent this April compared to last April."

Keen for more coconut?  Check out our range of products here: Shop Coconuts

Have a great week,


5 Things Successful Women are Doing Right Now May 20 2020, 0 Comments

5 Things Successful Women are Doing Right Now

I'll be honest - I haven't been highly motivated lately.  I certainly wouldn't claim to be "successful" right now, either.

In fact, last week I spent the afternoon at the beach doing nothing! 

Did I have work to do?  Of course - there's always something to do when you have your own business!

But I wasn't feeling "it", and I haven't been feeling "it" for the past few weeks.

What did I do?  I changed my mindset.

Instead of feeling like I had to do "something", I gave myself permission to do "nothing".  And when I did "nothing", I liked it!  In fact, the women that have admitted this are the ones that have a grip on the current situation and, in fact, are the most successful (in my eyes).  

So what did I notice?

I've observed 5 traits amongst women that are not only surviving Covid-19 but are successfully thriving.  And it made me thing maybe I'm not doing too bad:

1.  Successful women are supporting each other.  I am seeing women support each other financially by purchasing from small businesses.  We've seen an increase in our online sales, and many of them are from first-time women buyers who intentionally choose to support us.  Amazing!  In addition, I've seen so much encouragement online: "you got this", "hang in there", "reach out for help".  Empowered women empower women.  It's happening now more than ever and I love it!

2.  Successful women are taking time to STOP.  It's ok to do "nothing" after a life of busy hectic chaos!  Stop worrying about things you can not control.  Stop mindlessly scrolling through social media.  Stop judging yourself to others.  Stop working and go to the beach.  Just. Stop.

3.  Successful women are trusting her instincts.  I've been sending my 5 kids to school (we are essential workers and also have 2 vulnerable children in our care), but last week my 11 year old son was acting weird and I offered to let him stay home from school because I wanted to spend time with him.  By doing so, it came out that he was nervous about going to high school next year.  I was so glad he admitted this!  

Sure, it's not a huge thing, but I listened to my instincts to spend time with him.  As mothers, we are being mindful of the changes in our children's lives, too, and trusting our instincts to do what's best for them.

4.  Successful women are prioritizing quality time.  Raise your hand if your pre-Covid days were spent rushing around to soccer/dance/piano/tennis lessons?  Did you find yourself rushing to make fast/healthy/easy meals?  Were you mindful of time, schedules, bedtimes?  Yes Yes Yes!!  

Sure, life is still busy, but I'm prioritizing quality time with the family and reaching out to friends.  I'm making the time to chat with each kid 1-on-1.  We are taking more picnics (and supporting other small businesses!) and going on hikes.  Finding the work/life balance has always been our Business priority, but now the Life part is more important than ever.

5.  Successful women are adapting their business.  ​These past few months have definitely been challenging for small businesses around the world.  I quickly realised that we would have to adapt to avoid closing the doors.  How?  I've been spending more time focusing on providing value for YOU my customer.  ​Our online presence is increased, I am providing new products (our Coconut Lime Cakes have been our #1 local seller!), developing new products (coming soon!), posting behind-the-scenes videos, and experimenting with new sales/deals for our online store.  

I am ALWAYS open to ideas for our customers and receptive to what you want, the need you have, and how we can help.

So - what about you?  

After reflecting on these 5 pillars of "success", I realise that maybe I'm doing ok after all...

As always, I'd love to hear from you!  Are you "successful" right now?  Is there anything you would add to this list?

Take care & chat soon,


Founder & CEO

Are you a Breakfast person? May 11 2020, 0 Comments

Are you a breakfast person?

Do you wake up in the morning hungry, or do you go a few hours before your first meal?

Is your breakfast sweet or savoury?

Last year, I was inspired to make a Coconut Granola, and I asked our customers these questions​ in the aim to create the perfect granola combo.   Do I use nuts?  Seeds?  Sweetener or not?

Turns out, creating the perfect Coconut Granola was easy: use the finest & freshest Australian local ingredients and bake.

Made with Australian-grown coconut, pecans, almonds, oats, macadamias, and sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar, it's not a surprise that our Coconut Granola is one of our best-selling products.

Did you know you can get the Coconut Granola delivered to you on a regular basis?  We have a Subscription Service that saves you 10% automatically, and you can select to have your order delivered every 2 weeks to few months.  One customer orders 450 grams each week, but most customers choose monthly orders.  One customer said this about her subscription:

"Thanks so much again Casey & fam. Im always happy to receive my yummy Coconut Granola."

​Here's how it works:

1) select the product/s you want for your subscription and choose SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE.  The Coconut Granola is the most popular item for the Subscription Service, but most people also add a few other items - say, Coconut Chips or Dried Mango - since the shipping is flat $10.95.  You save 10% on all the items.... just make sure they are all on the same Delivery schedule (ex every 1 month).​  See this picture:


2) When you finish adding your products, proceed to Checkout.  Make sure your products are on the same Delivery schedule; in this picture, you will see each is being delivered Every 1 Month.  Each product also has the 10% discount automatically applied!


3) Checkout as usual.  You can select the Regular $10.95 shipping or Express.  And, like all orders, you will continue to earn your Reward Points.  When you're ready to cash them in, send us an email and we can help.  Last month one of our regular customers redeemed his points for a $30 online voucher!  The points add up, and your Subscription Service makes it happen faster.


Love the Coconut Granola?  You can save money AND eat well with Beach Harvest Coconuts.  

You can shop the Granola here and our range of products here.  Have questions about setting up your Subscription Service?  Let us know & we can help.

Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Founder & CEO, Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

Looking for Australian-grown coconut? April 21 2020, 0 Comments

Shout out to our Coconut Sprinkles!⠀

We are getting many inquires from people looking for Australian-grown coconut since their imported products are no longer available. They are looking for "desiccated or shaved" coconut, which is just the cheap byproduct of coconut oil.

Our reply? Coconut Sprinkles!⠀

We do not mass-produce our products.⠀

We intentionally choose quality not quantity. ⠀

So, every time you eat one of our hand-made products, you experience what true coconut tastes like. ⠀

We have Plain Sprinkles (most popular), as well as 9 other flavours. All are easily used in baking, or added to salads, curries, soups, and smoothie bowls. Use them as an ingredient in your fave granola or muesli. ⠀

We use the Sprinkles on everything! ⠀

What do you use them for? ⠀

Leaving in 3 weeks.... Order before 31 Jan January 21 2020, 0 Comments

Hey Coconut friends!

We are heading away for 6 weeks in February/March and will be closing during this time.

We will have minimal stock, with our staff fulfilling online orders while we are away, but we will not be manufacturing orders during this time.

So - if you want coconut chips/granola/muesli, it's best to order before 31 January.

When we get back, it's back to work with HEAPS of new ideas... like new sugar-free coconut chip flavours, and digital products including recipe ebooks and entrepreneur-focused materials.  What do you think - sound good?

In the meantime, check out the online store here.  And here's a pic of my breakfast this morning - fresh pawpaw, coconut granola, and coconut yogurt.  This is delicious, healthy and ideal for the busy person - no washing up required!  Our Coconut Granola is our best seller so far for 2020 - have you tried it?

Coconut Granola with yogurt for breakfast

Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you before we leave.  I hope 2020 is treating you well.

Have a great day!


PS - If you have any ideas for coconuts products you'd like to see, I'd love to hear from you!

PPS - What are we doing for 6 weeks??  A whirlwind USA trip!  I am from USA (this is my 16th year living in Australia!), and we try to get back every 2 years.  It's a huge trip - we may even have some time to promote our coconut to American businesses (Amazon perhaps?), but our priority is quality time with family & friends.  Do you want me to share our adventures?  Let me know!

Recipe - Coconut Keto Muesli January 10 2020, 0 Comments

Coconut Keto Muesli, our most popular muesli, with a step by step process how to make (with photos).  Ingredients include coconut, macadamias, almonds, pecans, linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.  Low carb & keto.

Koalas & Coconuts - why we aren't doing a bushfire donations appeal January 06 2020, 0 Comments

Hi Coconut Friends -

I hope this post finds you safe.

As the fires rage around Australia, most of us feel helpless, sad, desperate to do something. My family is lucky - we live in the tropics, where water is in abundance and fires are rare. For that I am thankful.

In the face of tragedy, our human compassion stirs us to do something.

In recent days, millions of dollars of donations are coming in from all over the world to RFS, Red Cross, Animal Hospitals, and others. This is wonderful! - and I understand that donating money is helpful while also helping us feel empowered to fight the problem.

Koala fire victims - let's all help

Our family donated to a Kangaroo Island wildlife charity. Like most people, we are saddened by the koala loss and visited Kangaroo Island years ago. We can all donate something, and every bit helps.

But I'm bothered about businesses that "donate X% of profits to charity" or "$1 from every item will go to charity." I, too, thought about doing this from Beach Harvest... but it rubs me the wrong way because I question if the motivations of the businesses are selfless and transparent.

Say a normal sales day is $100. But, if Business X advertises that they are donating some of their sales to charity, and the sales for the day increase to $500 as a result of this, isn't the business the one that profits? And where's the accountability about the charitable donation?

I could be pessimistic - I've previously heard scam stories of people claiming to raise money for "charity", only to find it was a con. And of course, I'm sure most businesses have good intentions - not all are bad.

So, Beach Harvest will not be doing any of these "buy from us and we will donate x" bushfire donation appeals. We are open for business as usual (and of course would love your support, as always), but I'm also taking the time to be thankful for my family, a roof over our heads, and the wet weather of the tropics. There are so many people & animals needing help, and, again, we can all donate something.

We also plan to donate again when the fires have settled - from our business. Maybe koalas like coconut chips? I'd love to send them some, but I have a feeling their human carers may appreciate them more. For now, the koalas need money for medical supplies, and that's something we can give.

Sending you love during this bushfire crisis,

Casey, Jesse, and kids

Update on Shipping - Happy Days December 10 2019, 0 Comments

I wanted to post about our updated shipping policy. After too many complaints about our courier service, I fired them.


Good bye Courier (for professional reasons, I will not name them). Hello Australia Post.

We offer a flat $10.95 shipping rate up to 5 kgs anywhere in Australia. We've done this for years because the rates were more competitive with a courier company than with Australia Post.

However, over the past few months, these are some of the complaints I've received from my customers:

*items being delivered to wrong address

*items being 'return to sender' although customer gave 'authority to leave'

*items taking excessively long to be delivered (beyond the estimated times)

Now - I take a LOT of pride in our products and customer service - yet when another company literally FAILS TO DELIVER I get really annoyed. Not only that, but micromanaging another company's service is a waste of my time and the bad delivery makes my customers less likely to return to our business again.

In fact, one customer emailed me, "I love your products, but if you continue to use <courier company> I will not buy from you again."


Whoa. That got my attention.

So, despite parcels costing more than $10.95 to ship, I will gladly absorb the difference because it means 1) my customers are happier and 2) I am spending less time chasing parcels.

Changing to Australia Post = Happy Days for everyone.


What do you think? Have you experienced a bad delivery experience (with us or with another business)? What decision would you make if you were in my position?

Have a great day - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Chat soon


Founder & CEO