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Bundle - Low Carb & Keto

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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It’s morning and you’re hungry.  You want something crunchy and satisfying, but eating that mass-produced cereal isn’t going to cut it. 

You want to be healthy and fill your body with nourishing food, but you’re busy and need that quick breakfast-on-the-go.  And those afternoon snack cravings?  You need something fast & nourishing.

Sugar-filled snacks shouldn’t win just because they're convenient.

Easy breakfast doesn’t always have to be unhealthy.

You deserve the best.

You love a good muesli, but finding the time to make it yourself is hard.  The grocery-store granolas are filled with sugar and cheap imported ingredients.  And that dried fruit in the granola? - nasty and full of preservatives.  

The answer?  Coconut Muesli, Chips, and Sprinkles made with Australian ingredients.

My kids love junk food too (like every kid, right?), so when they ask for the Coconut Granola, I happily agree!  The kids pack it in their lunchboxes, I pack a bag when we go swimming at the creek, and my husband keeps a bag in his car to snack on.  

I personally love the Keto Muesli with coconut milk with fresh blueberries.  I also make smoothie bowls and sprinkle the Sprinkles on top for added crunch and nutrients.

The Keto Muesli ingredients, 100% Australian: coconut, macadamias, pecans, almonds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. 

Here’s what our customers say:

"I have always made my own muesli but after buying a packet of the Keto muesli at the Port Douglas Sunday market a few weeks ago – I’m hooked !! All the ingredients are top quality, but the winning point of difference for me are the local coconut flakes. I have never tasted coconut like this - no sugar, just coconut !This is a quality product and a lovely family business to deal with! Thank you!" - Deborah

"I’m seeing Beach Harvest’s coconuts as part of my life routine now. And for the first time tried the keto muesli, i really love it! Not only a great breakfast option, but also goes perfectly as salad and ice cream sprinkles, or just eat it straight away as a coco-nutty snacks. The special texture of coconuts is the magic that makes everything get another level up." - Sijia

"Have tried almost every product in this range and absolutely love it. Always arrives fresh and delicious. Great as a snack on it's own, sprinkled on salads, cereals or soups, in baking...sensational. Love supporting an Aussie family business and product." - Alice

The Beach Harvest Guarantee: 

Thousands of people have sampled & purchased our products since 2013.  Using their feedback, we’ve developed the best tasting & healthiest granola in Australia (big claim!).

The Granolas & Mueslis are made in small batches, giving them the “homemade” taste you love.  Our coconuts are sustainably hand-harvested off our local beaches (where the trees grow wildly), our commercial kitchen is solar-powered, and online orders are sent in repurposed boxes…. All good for the environment.  And, we use Australian-grown ingredients whenever possible, supporting our farmers and economy.

We 100% guarantee our products, so if you aren’t happy, let us know and we will refund you.

Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order.

We ship Australia-wide for $9.95, and have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99.

90% of Australians eat packaged snack food each week.  Is that you?

Since your health is a priority, make sure your pantry is full of the good stuff when the hunger pangs hit, so you’re snacking on the best food available rather than the junk food that makes you sick.

Beach Harvest Coconut has a range of Granolas, Mueslis, and Chips that will satisfy & nourish your body.

Order online now and have the snacks delivered to your door.

Skip the unhealthy, boring breakfast with no nutritional benefit, leaving you feeling sick and guilty.  Enjoy snacks that everyone loves, with a pantry full of snacks & cereals you feel good about eating and feeding to your family.

Wake up and eat well - start your day with a nutrient-dense, low carb, high protein muesli that tastes great without the cheap fillers.

You have the power to control your health with snacks that are environmentally friendly, are grown & made in Australia, and taste amazing.

Bundle - Low Carb & Keto


3 - Large (90 gram) bags of Coconut Chips (any flavour, we recommend Himalayan Salt and Plain)

1 - 300 gram bag KETO Muesli

1 - Large bag (90 gram) of Coconut Sprinkles (any flavour)

1 Bag Coconut Keto Trail Mix

Not on a Low Carb diet? No worries. You can swap the muesli for granola and select the Chips flavours you want. Just leave a note at the checkout. 

Too much coconut?  Check out the "Basic Bundle" - similar to this one but a bit less.  

Click here for our most popular Keto flavour, Himalayan Salt Coconut Chips.

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