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Coconut Candle

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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Coconut Candles look & smell amazing!

Hand-poured coconut & soy wax blend in a local coconut shell.  The shells are a byproduct from our popular coconut chips, and we soon discovered they also make a unique candle vessel.

Candles available in three scents: "Coconut Lime," "Sandalwood Vanilla," and "4 Mile Beach" (a blend of coconut, lime, and pineapple).

The coconut candles are made with a high-quality scent, so when it's lit the aroma fills every corner of your home.

The Coconut Candle burn time is approximately 20 hours.

When the coconut candle is finished, you can either 

1) re-use the shell and pour more wax into it for a new candle

2) use shell for other purpose - our favourite ideas are pot for succulent plants and birdbath in the garden

The hard inner coconut shell does not burn, but please do not leave candles burning unsupervised.  

Candle shells are also available for purchase individually; please contact us for more details at

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