Coconuts for Weddings & Corporate Events


Looking for the perfect 'tropical touch' to your wedding or event?  Beach Harvest has provided thousands of coconuts for weddings, corporate events, and private ceremonies in
Port Douglas & Palm Cove.

After harvesting the coconuts off our pristine local beaches, we cut the coconut

1) to allow an opening at the top, either to drink the water naturally or add a premixed cocktail and

2) cut on the bottom so it sits flat on a table.

Please contact us for more information - we will work with you to provide the best option for your location and event.  We also happily work with wedding planners, event managers, and direct-to-bride.

Looking for something your guests will remember?  Ask us about our open-coconuts-on-site-with-machete's truly unique and memorable!

Pricing available upon request to

We also provide custom branding - we apply the brand at no additional charge, so your event will have the custom touch you're looking for.


*Additional Coconuts we provide - subject to availability*

Green/Young Coconuts - ideal for drinking!  The water is sweet and full of electrolytes.  There may be soft, rubber-like white flesh inside, or it could be a very soft jelly-like flesh.  We harvest these directly from the trees (yes, we climb them!), so we only have them available upon request.  

Mature Coconuts - ideal for making oil and milk.  The water is not sweet.  The white flesh inside is very firm and can be used to make your own coconut oil and coconut milk.  We harvest these from underneath the coconut trees - they fall naturally and we collect them.  

Thought about using a Coconut Tool?  This is the best way to remove the white coconut flesh from the shell; click here for more info & how-to video.

Sprouted Coconuts - These are the coconuts that have fallen to the ground and are now in the "growing into a tree" stage of development.  These coconuts have a small green shoot out the side of it.  Inside the coconut, the water has turned into a soft, sponge-like edible delicacy.  High in Omega 3 and 6*.  There is a thin layer of white coconut flesh, but it is not as oily as the mature coconuts.  The Common Variety is ideal for eating, but you can also grow them.  Minimum 5 per order.

We also have Dwarf Malay Sprouts available - ideal for growing.  Being a Dwarf tree, they fruit at low height and you can harvest the fruit easily from the ground.  

Contact us for pricing on Dwarf Malay Coconuts.  Dwarf Malay coconuts available via email orders only and subject to availability. 


Please email us for more info

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