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Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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The Unique COCOTAP®  

Revolutionizes the way you drink coconut juice!

COCOTAP is a patented quality product, made to last from food grade stainless steel 1.6mm tube, professionally milled and hand finished in Australia. It is easily re-sharpened and cleaned and can be hygienically used in premises serving the public. The T-bar handle is hinged so that the COCOTAP folds to a straight tube for easy use and storage.

Other uses:

It's a round knife and survival multi tool, it can also be used to de-husk a more mature coconut , as a coconut harvesting gaff hook (when no climber, pole-saw or monkey), for opening shellfish, to pierce a tin can, to bait a crab pot, crack into a crab claw, as a tent peg extractor, Alan key extension, great to untie a knot, splice a rope, or cut fishing line, as a grappling hook, a leatherwork tool, for carving anything, weaving aid, digging gem stones, even playing slide guitar, the possibilities are endless. Great on the beach, in a boat or in the jungle.


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