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How do you open a coconut?

The best way is to... watch it here!

Hold the coconut in one hand and, with the dull end of a heavy knife, hit it across the middle (the "eyes" are one end).  If you want to drink or use the water, make sure you crack it open over a bowl to catch the water when the coconut breaks open. 

And use the Coconut Tool....

Without a doubt, the Coconut Tool is the BEST way to get the coconut meat out of the shell.  Casey used to stab herself with a hearing knife in the process (ouch!); needless to say, she was thrilled when she found the Coconut Tool.  Here's a 'how-to' video: 


Where do you get your coconuts?

We organically and sustainably harvest our coconuts in North Queensland, between Cairns and the Daintree.  The coconuts come from private land and public land.  Sometimes people ask us to come to their property to remove their coconuts for them, and we are too happy to help.

You're an Aussie family business?

Yes we are!  Jesse is a builder and Casey is a SCUBA instructor, but now we both make coconut chips.  

And the kids love to help out - they help collect the coconuts and choose which ones are the best to crack open.  And, of course, they love to eat the final product!

Do you care about the environment?

Yes!  We sustainably collect coconuts from the beaches, where they grow naturally and without fertilisers.  

In addition, our home-based business is run on solar power (thank you sun!).  We also pack & send our orders in recycled cardboard boxes.  

How do you husk the coconuts?

We use a variety of tools to husk the coconuts. In fact, we just published a video showing how! Click here to see it.

 How do you remove the white meat from a coconut?

There are a few ways:

The coconut tool! By far the most effective way to get the flesh. Coming soon.

*Put the open coconuts in the oven at a low temp (approx 150 degrees) for 10 mins or so.  The heat will help the flesh release from the shell.

*Use a thin knife and slowly wedge it around the edges

*Get a sledge hammer and gently crack the shell

*All of the above

How do you make your coconut chips?

Sorry, this one is a family secret.  But check out the ingredients on each product and make your own!

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes!  We 100% guarantee our products, so if you are not happy let us know.  Send us an email and we will start the process for a refund.  

What are the ingredients for the Coconut Chips?

No preservatives, no chemicals.  Bliss!

Plain - Coconut.  Nothing else!  Ideal for Paleo & low sugar diets.

Cinnamon - Coconut, Sugar, Cinnamon.  Like cinnamon?  You've gotta try this one.

Maple - Coconut, 100% Maple Syrup.  Subtly sweetened, a lovely blend of unlikely flavours.

Sweet Chilli - Coconut, Sugar, Chilli Flakes.  Sweet... with a hot finish. Hot hot hot.

Vanilla - Coconut, Sugar, Vanilla Essence.  Intensely warm and satisfying.

Chocolate - Coconut, Sugar, Cocoa.  Can't have the usual dairy/soy-based chocolate?  This is a great alternative!

Himalayan Salt - Coconut, Pink Himalayan Salt.  Healthy & delicious alternative to the potato chip.


Nutrition Info

All our products are pure coconut - no preservatives, no additives, no nasties.

Also, we NEVER use gluten, dairy, wheat, or soy.  

The nutritional information for each flavour Coconut Chips and Coconut Sprinkles is coming soon.

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