Coconut Bowls


Coconut Shells are hand crafted from the mature coconut after the edible copra (white flesh) and water are removed.  Unfortunately, the high labour costs in Australia make it impossible to produce coconut bowls locally, but the Beach Harvest team has sourced an ethical supplier in Vietnam.

Price is for one bowl. 

Perfect for smoothie bowls, salads and meals, each coconut bowls has its own unique shape and design.  These versatile bowls are free of any artificial glues or lacquers and are food-safe. 

How to Use & Care Instructions:

Coconut shell bowls perfect for smoothie bowls, salads, yogurt, or stir fries.  Remember - they are fragile, so please handle with care.  Follow these instructions to extend the life of your coconut bowl:

*Hand wash in warm soapy water

*Do not soak for more than 10+ minutes

*Wash & dry immediately after use

*Do not use in the microwave, oven, or refrigerator

*Do not use in dishwasher

 *Rub coconut or flaxseed oil over bowls every 10 – 20 uses.

Made from:

100% Natural Coconut Shells

Looking for multiple bowls?  Contact us for bulk pricing options.

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