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Looking for Australian-grown coconut?

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

Shout out to our Coconut Sprinkles!⠀

We are getting many inquires from people looking for Australian-grown coconut since their imported products are no longer available. They are looking for "desiccated or shaved" coconut, which is just the cheap byproduct of coconut oil.

Our reply? Coconut Sprinkles!⠀

We do not mass-produce our products.⠀

We intentionally choose quality not quantity. ⠀

So, every time you eat one of our hand-made products, you experience what true coconut tastes like. ⠀

We have Plain Sprinkles (most popular), as well as 9 other flavours. All are easily used in baking, or added to salads, curries, soups, and smoothie bowls. Use them as an ingredient in your fave granola or muesli. ⠀

We use the Sprinkles on everything! ⠀

What do you use them for? ⠀


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