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Very Vanilla Paste

Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

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Beach Harvest has been using Very Vanilla's products for years because they're the best Australian vanilla products we've tried. Not only that, but like you, we love supporting local businesses.

Very Vanilla is sustainably grown in Far North Queensland between Cairns and Innisfail.  The best!

Very Vanilla paste is a rich blend of vanilla seeds, ground vanilla pods and our delicate vanilla extract, delivering inimitable flavour.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in every meal, savoury or sweet, with the combination of exceptional taste and earthy texture.

Just a quarter of a teaspoon is all you need, whether you're baking a cake or basting a roast.

Use together with a few drops of Pure Vanilla Extract for an extra boost of vanilla top notes.

Sound good?  We use the Very Vanilla Extract in our award-winning Vanilla Coconut Chips and Coconut Granola.  We love it!