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Australian grown Vanilla Beans

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Love vanilla?  Keen to support Australian-grown produce?  Want the best vanilla?

A-Grade vanilla beans are now available.  Vanilla beans are organically grown in Innisfail, near Cairns.

$10 each or 3 for $25

Vanilla beans (approx 3-4g)

Oily, flexible, and bursting with the nostalgic aroma of real vanilla, our vanilla beans are grown naturally in beautiful Tropical North Queensland.

Each bean is full of luxurious vanilla caviar, oozing with thousands of seeds that impart the unique flavour of the tropical Australian rainforest.

Split the bean lengthways down the centre with a sharp knife and scrape the oil-rich seeds into your recipe. You can re-use the pod as long as the aroma lingers – simply wash and dry thoroughly and store in an airtight container.

These vanilla beans are 100% Australian produced – from farm to you.

Grown, processed and packed in tropical north Queensland, these vanilla beans have the best flavour development through biological farming practices (no pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilisers)

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