Coconut - Young, Mature, and Sprouted


 Our coconuts are naturally harvested from beautiful North Queensland near Port Douglas.  No farming, no factories, no chemicals.

***We will only provide coconuts in their husks.  Previously, when we husk them - or send them partially shaved - they may turn rancid prior to delivery due to the heat in the delivery vans.  Please only order if you are happy to receive coconuts whole in their husks.   Additional shipping charges will apply.  Please email with questions PRIOR to ordering****


We can provide:

Green/Young Coconuts - ideal for drinking!  The water is sweet and full of electrolytes.  Depending on the age of the coconut, there may be soft, rubber-like white flesh inside.  We harvest these directly from the trees (yes, we climb them!), so we only have them available upon request.  The shell is semi-soft, so we must send them to you husk on for protection.  






Mature Coconuts - ideal for making oil and milk!  The water is not sweet.  The white flesh inside is very firm and can be used to make your own coconut oil and coconut milk.  We harvest these from underneath the coconut trees - they fall naturally and we collect them.  We have these available year round.

We unfortunately cannot husk them for you (see above) - you will need to open them with a hammer or the back of a heavy knife.  See more info below.  

Thought about using a Coconut Tool?  This is the best way to remove the white coconut flesh from the shell; click here for more info & how-to video.

Sprouted Coconuts - These are the coconuts that have fallen to the ground and are now in the "growing into a tree" stage of development.  These coconuts have a small green shoot out the side of it.  Inside the coconut, the water has turned into a soft, sponge-like edible delicacy.  High in Omega 3 and 6*.  There is a thin layer of white coconut flesh, but it is not as oily as the mature coconuts.

 Sprouted coconut

Freight cost estimates:

We send the coconuts with Fastway Couriers, which covers most of Australia (exceptions are rural areas and NT).  Prices to each location, based on 1-12 coconuts:

QLD (East Coast): $20

NSW (including Tamworth and Orange): $30

VIC: $35

WA (Perth region): $63

If you are outside the Fastway zone, parcel will be sent with Australia Post, and prices will vary.

***All whole coconut orders must be emailed to  Unfortunately, we are unable to set up shipping costs via our online checkout.  Greater shipping quantities/prices available upon request***

How do I open the coconut?

Your coconut will not be husked; it will be as it is when growing in the tree or falling to the ground.  You will have to open it and take the white meat out of it prior to eating.  It may seem complicated at first - but it is simple and, with a bit of practice, you'll be enjoying your coconuts before you can say "pina colada."

There are heaps of ways to open the coconut - we prefer to use the dull end of a heave knife and hit it until it cracks.  Check out our FAQ page for more details on this, and how to easily extract the meat.

We highly recommend using the Coconut Tool - we've opened THOUSANDS of coconuts, and it is the best way we've found to remove the white coconut meat from the shell.  Here is a link to the Coconut Tool page (includes Instructional Video)

Our Guarantee

All coconuts are different.  We have a variety of coconut species, and they all are different shapes with different amounts of water inside.  

We harvest regularly and provide the freshest coconuts possible.

Yet, unfortunately, some coconuts look good from the outside but the insides are nasty. 

We cannot guarantee which coconut you will receive or how much water will be inside or if it is/isn't sprouted.  BUT WE GUARANTEE THAT IF YOU GET A NASTY COCONUT AND/OR ARE NOT FULLY SATISFIED, WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL.  Australian Coconuts.  No worries


Coconut weight: 2-4 kgs.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to send coconuts out of Australia.  

*We are not medical professionals.  All health claims of benefits of eating coconut are based on internet research and health forums.  All medical benefits are up to the discretion of individual.

*Please note we are unable to ship to PO Boxes*


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