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Vanilla + Coconut = LOVE

Posted by Casey Willetts on

Do you love Vanilla?

Vanilla was one of our original Coconut Chip flavours, and the Vanilla Coconut Chip is our Delicious Food Award winner. We also use Vanilla Extract in our Coconut Granolas, too. WE LOVE VANILLA!

In fact, we love it SO MUCH, we recently visited the farmers of Broken Nose Vanilla near Innisfail. The farmers, Fiona and Matt, have been inviting us & asking us to visit their farm for many years. Because Covid life is a bit slower these days, we finally had the opportunity to make the trip.

coconut family goes to vanilla farm near cairns innisfail
This is us at the start of the 3 hour drive. The kids were not excited and thought visiting a Vanilla Farm was "lame!"


We loved the farm and, surprisingly, SO DID THE KIDS (much to their surprise!). The kids learned how to pick a 'ripe' vanilla bean, how to grade the vanilla beans, and enjoyed homemade cookies whilst overlooking the cane fields.

kids grade vanilla by size
After picking the beans, the kids graded them by size. A Grade = longest


Also, Jesse was inspired to improve his current vanilla bean production. He's been growing vanilla beans at our home for several years, we have the perfect climate for it!

And I learned how to make Vanilla Extract - and using our homegrown vanilla beans, hello Beach Harvest Vanilla! Coming 2021!

In the meantime, I wanted to offer you guys the chance to use the same vanilla products we do:

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Paste

This Vanilla is delicious, organic, and Aussie-grown.

A recent customer, Marion, reviewed the Vanilla Extract: "I'm very happy with this product. The flavour is lovely, better than the one I usually buy. Many thanks."

I hope you LOVE Vanilla, too!

Have a great weekend - here are a few more pics of our Vanilla Experience.

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Vanilla beans freshly picked
The kids picked the "ripe" vanilla beans. How? Look for the yellow on the ends!


Vanilla beans curing in the sun
The Vanilla beans are dried in the sun. Jesse (hand pictured) learned a lot about growing and curing vanilla. And it smelled SO GOOD!


Vanilla Farm organic cairns innisfail
The Vanilla Farm's view. Far North Queensland, simply stunning! 
vanilla beans




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