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Update on Shipping - Happy Days

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

I wanted to post about our updated shipping policy. After too many complaints about our courier service, I fired them.


Good bye Courier (for professional reasons, I will not name them). Hello Australia Post.

We offer a flat $10.95 shipping rate up to 5 kgs anywhere in Australia. We've done this for years because the rates were more competitive with a courier company than with Australia Post.

However, over the past few months, these are some of the complaints I've received from my customers:

*items being delivered to wrong address

*items being 'return to sender' although customer gave 'authority to leave'

*items taking excessively long to be delivered (beyond the estimated times)

Now - I take a LOT of pride in our products and customer service - yet when another company literally FAILS TO DELIVER I get really annoyed. Not only that, but micromanaging another company's service is a waste of my time and the bad delivery makes my customers less likely to return to our business again.

In fact, one customer emailed me, "I love your products, but if you continue to use <courier company> I will not buy from you again."


Whoa. That got my attention.

So, despite parcels costing more than $10.95 to ship, I will gladly absorb the difference because it means 1) my customers are happier and 2) I am spending less time chasing parcels.

Changing to Australia Post = Happy Days for everyone.


What do you think? Have you experienced a bad delivery experience (with us or with another business)? What decision would you make if you were in my position?

Have a great day - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Chat soon


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