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The Coconut Cart is Here!

Posted by Casey Willetts on

Hello Coconut people!

I just wanted to share some exciting coconut news for us - we have a Coconut Cart!

We've been providing fresh coconut cocktails & drinks for several years - mainly for weddings & corporate events in Port Douglas - and we've taken it a step further by making a cart for the 'nuts to sit on. But - it's not only for coconuts - this cart would be an awesome champagne bar, dessert station, or, well, good for just about anything.

It's fully white to provide a clean, crisp canvas for any themed styling, and has a stainless bench and stainless pole features to 'posh' it up and look extra glam.

We've also designed it to allow lights - think fairy lights, Edison bulbs - but haven't yet styled that photo!

Yes, that's Jesse, my coconut tree-climbing husband, who hates posing for pictures but he's very proud of his hand-made cart. He's a carpenter by trade & has been a builder for 10 years, so of course this cart is a bit OTT. But it's made of steel and is strong as heck.


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