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After 6 years, it happened - how to handle a 1 star review September 11 2019, 0 Comments

After 6 years of making Coconut Chips, it happened.

We received our first 1 star review.

We've had hundreds of published 5-star reviews and thousands of happy customers. Most of the reviews give me the warm & fuzzies, but this one made me squirm.

Camping, Manu & Muesli July 08 2019, 0 Comments

You may have noticed our absence lately on Social Media.... we intentionally unplugged and 'went bush' with the kids.  We spent several days camping on the Mitchell River - enjoying the amazing tropical winter weather and quality time with the kiddos.

cool fresh water at the Mitchell River 

Ironically, my kids love food besides coconut chips, and camping tends to have a lot of junk-food. *sigh*

Before we left, I met Manu Feildel at the Sunday Port Douglas Markets.  I heard he was in town for a 'Chefs in Paradise' event, and sure enough I spotted him amongst the market crowds.  I used to watch him in the 'Ready Steady Cook' days, but I think he's best known for his role MKR My Kitchen Rules.  He graciously agreed to a pic with me and one of my staff Matthew - thanks Manu!

Manu at the Port Douglas Markets Manu and Casey at the Port Douglas Sunday Markets

Speaking of cooking, last month's $5 Muesli/Granola deal was a hit and the results are coming in!  Check out these reviews:

"​Omg this is a wonderful product for Keto peeps that have been missing muesli. The way the coconut is made makes it. Love love love - thank you" - Tania

"Best Muesli I’ve tasted .. just add or not want you want .. the shaved Coconut takes it to another level . A really natural, feel good , taste even better muesli . Well done"  - David B​

So I've made the Keto Muesli official - check it out here

Here's a final pic of my 8 year old daughter working with me at our seasonal Wednesday Marina Markets.  Yes, we pay our kids and she is our hardest worker.  Love! 
daughter loves working, coconuts
I hope the first week of July is going well for you, too!  I'd love to hear - drop me an email or check us out on the socials @beachharvest

The Coconut Cart is Here! May 20 2019, 0 Comments

Hello Coconut people!

I just wanted to share some exciting coconut news for us - we have a Coconut Cart!

We've been providing fresh coconut cocktails & drinks for several years - mainly for weddings & corporate events in Port Douglas - and we've taken it a step further by making a cart for the 'nuts to sit on. But - it's not only for coconuts - this cart would be an awesome champagne bar, dessert station, or, well, good for just about anything.

It's fully white to provide a clean, crisp canvas for any themed styling, and has a stainless bench and stainless pole features to 'posh' it up and look extra glam.

We've also designed it to allow lights - think fairy lights, Edison bulbs - but haven't yet styled that photo!

Yes, that's Jesse, my coconut tree-climbing husband, who hates posing for pictures but he's very proud of his hand-made cart. He's a carpenter by trade & has been a builder for 10 years, so of course this cart is a bit OTT. But it's made of steel and is strong as heck.