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Coconut Bowls & Tropical Granola

Posted by Casey Willetts on

Coconut Bowl with Granola Healthy Breakfast

Hey Coconut Friend!

Did you know we sell coconut bowls?

I was a little reluctant at first because we don't make them ourselves (and we pride ourselves on using Australian-grown coconuts, nuts, seeds, and fruits!), but many customers were asking for them. The high cost of labour in Australia means that we simply cannot produce them here (and we don't have the huge coconut production like they do overseas), so I had to think of a solution.

So I found an ethical coconut company in Vietnam and ordered a few. They were great!.... so I ordered a box.

As an added bonus, my kids enjoy eating out of the bowls, too! The kids have always enjoyed smoothies, but now they prefer to eat them from the coconut bowls - even new recipes! "It tastes better in the coconut bowl", the kids insist. Go figure.

As a mum, I'm thrilled my kids are trying new foods... and as an entrepreneur, I'm thrilled I can ethically provide a product for my customers. And, with the bowls available in two sizes - Regular and Jumbo - there's a Goldilocks-friendly option for everyone. Check out the bowls here.

So, to celebrate the new Coconut Bowls on our website, and to help you start your day with some healthy breakfast, we are having a 20% off flash-sale on our Granolas & Mueslis. This includes:

  • Coconut Granola. Our best seller & most popular. I'm considering renaming it "Tropical Granola" due to the locally grown coconut, macadamias, dried mango, and dried pineapple. A 'taste of the tropics' - granola style! This is our #1 best seller this year - have you tried it??
  • Coconut Granola Gluten Free. It's the exact same recipe as our Coconut Granola but using puffed buckwheat instead of rolled oats.... tastes like popcorn!
  • Coconut Keto Muesli. Popular with our Keto customers, this is high fat/low carb mix of coconut, nuts, and seeds.
  • Coconut Muesli. Similar to the Keto Muesli, but made with puffed buckwheat. Looking for a non-sweetened breakfast cereal full of coconut, nuts, and seeds? This is for you.

I suggest enjoying the granola & muesli with coconut yogurt & fresh berries, while Jesse (my husband and coconut tree climber) prefers to snack on them by the handful - he keeps a bag in his truck for a fast nutrient-dense snack.

Don't forget to add some coconut bowls, too, and start the day off with a healthy breakfast that simply "tastes better." Start shopping for your healthy breakfast coconut journey here: Healthy Breakfast




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