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Recipe - Coconut Keto Muesli

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Coconut Keto Muesli - low carb, no sugar, Aussie ingredients

Coconut Keto Muesli - low carb, no sugar, made with Aussie ingredients

Are you Low-Carb?  Keto?  Diabetic?  Or simply watching your sugar intake?

MANY of our customers are, and coconut is a popular food on many diets.  Not only is coconut a naturally low-sugar food, but it's also full of beneficial oils, fats, and micronutrients.

And, since many customers ask for ways to incorporate coconut into their diets, I thought I'd share my recipe for our Coconut Keto Muesli.  You can modify the ratios as you'd like - but I wanted to show you the step-by-step process that I take when making our most-popular muesli.

Check out the process below.  You can also see it here Coconut Keto Muesli

Plain Coconut Sprinkles  1. Beach Harvest Plain Coconut Sprinkles.  Our coconuts are harvested off the Port Douglas beaches where they grow naturally.  Coconuts thrive in the tropics and are one of the few fruit trees that fruit year-round.  If you don't have our Plain Coconut Sprinkles, you can use another brand, but the intensity of the coconut flavour will be weaker.

Queensland Macadamias 2. Aussie Macadamias. We use Wondaree Macadamias, a small macadamia farm near Atherton, Queensland.  We love supporting fellow small foodie businesses, and this is one of the best. 

 Australian Almonds 3. Aussie slivered almonds. 

Australian Pecans 4. Aussie pecans.  I like them in big pieces, but some customers prefer them in smaller pieces.  What do you think?

Australian linseeds 5. Aussie linseeds. I'm not a huge fan of these, but they are super healthy and one of nature's super foods.

Australian Sunflower seeds 6. Aussie sunflower seeds.  I love snacking on these by the handful, so of course they made it into the ingredients list for the Keto Muesli.

100% organic pumpkin seeds 7. 100% certified organic pumpkin seeds. Unfortunately, at present these are 100% organic imported seeds because I could not source Aussie ones.  I'm on the lookout, though, and will gladly switch if I can find them.  Do you know of any Aussie pumpkin seeds?

Put it all together:

Coconut Keto Muesli

If you make this, I'd love to see how yours turns out!

Of course, we have our Coconut Keto Muesli available online.  It's also in the Favourites Bundle (save $18) and the Keto Bundle (save $10).  












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