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Coconut Event for Corporate Clients - yes please!

Posted by Casey Willetts on

A few months ago, we were contacted by the team at Hemingways Brewery Port Douglas about a large corporate event. Hemingway's is awesome because they 1) support local businesses 2) brew delicious beers and 3) have epic sunset views. Before I knew the details, I knew this event was going to be great.

The client wanted "an interactive coconut activity" for the 250+ guests, and they asked us if we could help.

So, we suggested "Coconut Chips Tastings" with 5 coconut chips flavours that go with beer. We served Sweet Chilli, Himalayan Salt, Tasmanian Sea Salt & Caramel, Coconut Vegan Bacon, and Plain Coconut Chips.

It was a hit! The beer flowed, the chips crunched, and the clients loved. I had a blast and, in fact, this is my new fave thing:

Corporate Coconut Chips Tastings!

It is so much fun because

1) folks are being wined & dined for achieving something great for their company

2) all expenses are paid

3) free coconut chips

I wanted to share because you are our extended coconut family and it's cool to keep you in the loop. This is part of our journey and we are enjoying the ride!

Until next time,



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