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Coconut Candles - new! - Candle in reusable Coconut Bowl

Posted by Casey Willetts on

Love candles?

We've had our popular Coconut Candles in husk for many years, but we now have Coconut Candles in coconut bowl.  How beautiful are they?

Coconut Candle in coconut bowl

We are in LOVE with our coconut candles in a coconut bowl. The scent is amazing, and the bowl looks SO cute in the home.

coconut candle in coconut husk

All candles are a soy/coconut wax blend and have a burn time of over 20 hours.

Each candle is $39.95. Free Shipping when you buy 3 or more.

coconut candles - free shipping when you buy 3 or more

Choose from tropical scents: Coconut Lime, Four Mile Beach (vanilla, pineapple, coconut), and Sandalwood Vanilla. Coconut husks are harvested from Port Douglas beaches.

​Check out this review from Google:

I bought the coconut and lime candle in a real coconut shell and honestly when the parcel was delivered I could already smell the perfume of the candle through the box !!! As I opened it the scent diffused in the house and it smelt so beautiful, so much so that I lit that candle day after day and before I knew it no more candle, so time to reorder ! The smell reminded me of my home islands in Vanuatu... Highly recommend this candle :)" - Audrey 

Coconut candles in husk and bowl

Love candles? Looking for a special gift? Check out the coconut candles!

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