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Coco-NUTS about Pythons!

Posted by Casey Willetts on

Meet Jesse - Coconut Tree Climber & Snake Charmer

Sometimes I feel like I live in a nature documentary.... like last night when Jesse (my husband) brings in this python he caught outside our home.

The python was on its way to eat our chickens.... Jesse caught the snake and released it back into the rainforest (and saved the chickens!).

I remember the first time Jesse caught a wild python: I had only been in Australia a few months and was worried about the plethora of deadly Australian animals that, if the stories were true, lurked in every corner of the country, waiting to attack the next foreign visitor.

The python was stretched across the road and was moments away from being flattened by the next passing car, when suddenly Jesse braked, grabbed the snake, and released it safely away from traffic.

I was SO SHOCKED at the time.... and yet now, 15 years later, this is standard in our life.

We never kill these beautiful animals (unlike many locals in our area). In fact, they do a darn good job of keeping the rodent population under control, and hey they were here first and are part of the natural beauty of the rainforest.

So, when the python tries to take the easy dinner option a la fresh chicken, Jesse simply catches it, brings it inside to the kids can hold it and appreciate the beauty, and releases it back onto the property.

What does this have to do with coconuts?

Not only is it rare that I get a photo of Jesse willingly smiling for the camera, but it's a bit of the 'behind the scenes' for our coconut business. We are coco-NUTS about pythons (and all Aussie native animals!), and this helps paint the bigger picture of why we do what we do.

We support Australian farmers (with our macadamias, almonds, linseeds, mango, pineapple, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pecans for our muesli & !), and we respect the coconut trees by climbing them without damaging them with spikes.

Our home & commercial kitchen is solar-powered. We send online orders in repurposed boxes (that we collect from local shoe stores and hardware stores).

These small steps are drops in the ocean, I know. But it's better than nothing and helps set the example for our children about how to run an ethical business.

And saving the python? It goes hand-in-hand with running an ethical & sustainable business.

It's the right thing to do.

Thank you, as always, for your support! Let me know if you want to see more behind-the-scenes pics of the Coconut Life... or what you think about Jesse the Snake Charmer!

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